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The term "app" may have many meanings, but today the most common meaning is for software designed for use with mobile devices ("mobile apps"). It appears there are basically three platforms:

  1. "Web apps" are written in HTML5 and can run on just about any mobile device including Apple, Windows, and Android devices.
  2. "Apple apps" are written in C+ & "X code" and they run on iPads, iPhones, and whatever comes out in the Apple tradition.
  3. "Android apps" are written in Java and they run on phones using the Android operating system. Android is a mobile operating system (OS) based on the Linux kernel and currently developed by Google.

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  5. What does Bizness Apps do?
Tyler's company (Bizness Apps, based in San Francisco) has created a visual programming interface whereby the person designing the app chooses what he wants to do in each part of the app (e.g task) and what are the properties of that task (e.g. choices). As this programming interface is being used the user's intent is rendered simultaneously and seperately for the three different platforms ("web", Apple, Android). The cost for a license to use this programming interface varies by the number of clients for which you will use it but getting started is minimally $300/month or $3000/year.

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