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Mobile Apps

We have need for help on two projects related to mobile apps and HTML5. This is front end work or provision for on-line interactivity. Logic and algorithmic work is handled in for us in a dot-net language called APL.

  1. Demo of how images needing annotation will be presented. There are only 8 images in this demo, but there might be many hundreds of images available for annotation.
  2. We want to create an app whereby exercise events can be placed in a log (HTML5) and analyzed to help motivation and knowledge using APL. It is not necessary at this point to do the APL work on the server. At present it is sufficient that analytic & output processing is done by the person operating or supporting this app.
      1. filenamebytestimestamplinktaskcomment
        journal-027t3.htm32501820150504.12journal-027t3.htm exercise log enhanced with evaluative info from our app
        input-027t3.htm11661520150504.12input-027t3.htm entries in this person's exercise log
  3. At present we have very few users and they are all insiders, but eventually we will have public users and we will need to have them register and we will need to give them different levels of access.
  4. As we get confident of how to do user io, our most important project will come on line:

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