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Creating a Community Calendar

A Google search found the following software designed to manage a community calendar. Reviewing these options can help us know what we want in a community calendar, and might present a better option than our current calendar.
  1. Trumba - Online Web Calendar Software for your Website Trumba offers web-based event calendar software for publishing online, interactive, calendars of events on your website. - Cached
  2. Calabunga - Online Web Calendar Software for Business, School ... Calabunga is the ultimate online calendar software application. Try it free for 30 days, no obligation. No download or installation ever! - Cached
  3. Web Based Calendar Software Web Based Calendar Software. Calendars are a great way to keep your community aware of events of interest. How to Embed a Google Calendar in Your Website ... - Cached
  4. Web Calendar Software with Online Event Registration - Tendenci Tendenci - Web Calendar Software for Meeting Management and Online Event Registration with advanced event scheduling capabilities, credit card integration ... - Cached
  5. Web calendar software, online scheduler, event calendar Postman Calendar offers simply the best online Web scheduling calendar and software solutions for individuals, organizations, businesses and institutions. - Cached
We've been developing a community calendar and e-mail communication facility for several years. The e-mail facility is related to more than 1000 faith communities ( Congregations by Denomination ) in PBC and more than 500 non-profits ( belovedcommunity ) in PBC.

Our purpose has been to create a means for promoting community support for the wellsprings of people and organizations working towards our having the qualities of a "Culture of Peace" or the "Beloved Community" .

The Sun-Sentinel recently published an article about community service and our version of that page includes links to helpful resources in the upper right corner.

There are two features of this capability that might deserve top priority for more work:

If you'd like to talk about this, or work on it, please contact Carl House (or click on the e-mail button on this webpage to send him a message).
Meanwhile, here are some examples of on-line community calendars (if you know an especially good one, please click on "e-mail" and tell us about it). (Florida Trend) (PBC Arts Council) (St. Gregory's calendar)

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