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Cox-House-Stroud-Youngs Family Archives

This work is suspended for now. Perhaps we will resume it later, or perhaps someone will take parts of this to help a different effort. Here's the current status.
  1. Our archives could easily go on the internet, but for privacy reasons we are still using flash drives and compact disks. In order to fit on this media, the Cox-House-Youngs (CHY) families will be put on one DVD while Stroud will go on another DVD-DL. The "kin" and "peeps" pages still include both, so you will hit broken links when you click on a Stroud link on the CHY disk or a CHY link on the Stroud disk.
  2. I've organized this archive work in the manner of a website (HTML), so any folder can be viewed by starting on "index.htm" Whoever works on this next may choose a different publishing scheme.
  3. The autostart feature of we are using does not work very well. It should start on the "index.htm" file at root on the media. You might need to navigate to that file in Internet Explorer or Windows Explorer and click on it. The "URL" (path) should be "e:\index.htm", but you must, of course, subsitute the drive letter for your computer for the "e:" in this URL (path).
  4. This page will be revised as needed when comments are received.
This webpage and family archive has been created by Carl House who will happily include the thoughts and contributions (and warnings) of family and friends. Click on the "E-Mail" link to send him a message if you don't remember his e-mail address (the message will go to ""). I call it "Our Family Archives". It fits on a Blu-Ray DVD or on a flash drive in it's entirety (20gb).

Please understand that this is still crude and will not be easy for you to use. But there is lots here and you might want some of it for your own archives. Maybe we'll make it lots better with the pleasure of collaborating with other family members.

This archive is like a very large website except that it is meant to be private. Like a website, it has photos, videos, text documents, pdf files, slideshows and lots of links among all those types of data. In fact, at present "Our Family Archives" has 123,090 links (with only 21 errors), over 5000 distinct photos (plus smaller copies of each), and dozens of text documents with hundreds of pages. Hopefully the menuing system will allow all this to be sensibly available, but one does need some patience to learn how to use it. It is focussed on four families: Stroud, Cox, House and Youngs. Since it is created by Carl House & Nancy Stroud, you can visualize it as concentric circles of people who they know or are related to. This was fun to create and if we're done now we're glad we did it. If it has a future it will be because it evolves into whatever is possible with on-line databases like, Facebook and Google+.

I will maintain these pages on the internet to help people use these archives. Your questions and comments will guide how those pages evolve. At present, I'm imagining these topics:

  1. How to start it. Hopefully it will autostart; if not, navigate to index.htm at root on the DVD or flash drive.
  2. How should one get started in using this ? ("peeps" are really important)
  3. What can one do to help ? (identify people in photos and evaluate photos so the best will drift to the top)
  4. How can one add photos or content ? (add photos to the flash drive or send to Carl; also send text to Carl)
  5. How does one identify people in photos and evaluate photos in this archive ? (Click on "ImgInfo" in the menu bar at the top of a page of photos and type into the Excel spreadsheet that comes up. Keep the indexf.htm file up to see filenames).
It might be a good idea to develop documentation and guidelines with shared documents. That can easily be done in Google and probably also in

Here are some important ideas that will help one understand how this archive has been created.

  1. When I began, this was organized around "kin" and geneology was very important. I stopped working on that years ago and began working on "peeps" where geneology is not so important but still included. Peep List Anywhere you see our little chick you can click on it to get to our list of "peeps", actually at e:\peeps\peepnames.htm . This lets you see what family they are identified with and has links to their photos. Name List Anywhere you see our little border collie you can click on it to get to our list of "kin", actually at e:\kin\geneology\namelist\lastname.htm . Remember that the "kin" section is not up to date; "Best Photos" are especially not up to date. home at DVD root Anywhere you see our little house you can click on it to get to the home page on the DVD, actually at e:\index.htm .

  2. "Peeps" are usually identified with their complete formal name. That's clumsy, so we allow for "aliases" to identify photos. I only know of one person each with the following names: Gladys, Lauren, Colin. So those "aliases" always mean those persons. To honor Nancy, that name always means Nancy Stroud unless otherwise identified. Nancy Domjanovich is "Nancy D". We've got lots of "Bob" people, so nobody has sole rights to that "alias".
  3. The easiest way for me to make this available is on a Blu-Ray DVD to be viewed in your computer. The Blu-Ray drive I bought is internal from Sony for $100 and can read and record Blu-Ray. A normal DVD can hold about 4.5gb but a Blu-Ray DVD can hold about 25gb. "Our Family Archives" as I've assembled them are 20gb at present (half are Stroud). They can fit on a 32gb flash drive which costs $35 on sale as compared with about $1 for a blank Blu-Ray disk.
This identifies the useful features of this means of maintaining an archive that is mostly photos.
  1. All photos can be put into the archive and we should delete photos whenever we can take the time.
  2. We should add annotation to photos whenever we can find time, especially identifying people and rating photos on quality.
  3. It includes slideshows of the best photos in or under any folder. Slideshows can be updated for improved annotation whenever one wishes.
  4. The entire archive can be put on a Blu-Ray DVD or a 20gb+ flash drive and can be run on any computer regardless of the drive letter assigned by the computer.
  5. The archive can be adapted to play from a DVD player for display on a TV, but we haven't done that in a satisfactory way yet.
  6. The archive includes 3 types of photos: "art" is original photos which can be quite large; "web" images are smaller for e-mailing or web display; "thumbnails" are quite small. Running a slideshow on a large screen is best done with "art" photos.

Many of the people in the Cox and House families are identified on these two "descendancy" lists: Mary McDowell and R. W. House. These identify the people included here, but geneology is not the focus here; Sandy and Bill are doing that much better and maybe someday their work can be combined with Carl's. Photos are the focus here, along with some other family artifacts. Here are suggestions on what to see. Whereever I've given you a file, you must change my "e:" to the drive letter for your DVD drive.

Here's my list of who to keep informed and what sort of media I'm sending them. It is getting improved, so I won't send all disks immediately. Also, nobody has a Blu-Ray drive in their computer, so nobody can easily see it yet. Someday, though, you'll hear of a friend who has a Blu-Ray drive in his/her computer and you can see it then. Or, ask me for a flash drive, especially if you want to help identify "peeps" in photos.

  1. David Stroud ( - send flash drive
  2. Robert House ( - send flash drive
  3. Toni Douglas ( - send flash drive
  4. Sandy Bailey ( - send Blu-Ray DVD now
  5. Bill Cox ( - send Blu-Ray DVD now
  6. Nancy Domjanovich ( - send Blu-Ray DVD now
  7. Jane & Larry Rosen ( - send Blu-Ray DVD when I have address
  8. Jeffrey - send Blu-Ray DVD later
  9. Dan & Sharon ( - send Blu-Ray DVD later
  10. Laurie & Colin ( - send Blu-Ray DVD later
These are the relatives that I think might be especially interested. We'll send to more later if it seems fun or useful.

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