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Home Theatre

Our Objectives

We want to make the equipment we have now work using "Smart TV" as best we can. Comcast provides fastest service for the internet connection, but we might cancel cable TV. Phone could go to AT&T. We have two important installations plus 3 digital connectors in less important rooms. The main installation is "Carl's office"; it should be the "control center" if we have one.
  1. Top priority is to get an internet connection to the main TV room (cables are in the wall), and then to make the Samsung Blu-ray Disk player use it for Smart-TV purposes (Netflix, vudu HD Movies, huluplus, HBO.GO).
  2. Set up a the new window antenna so we can see what kind of reception it can get.
  3. We understand that one can put a program on an "unused channel" (64 or 99) and then any TV in the home can access it. That means we can focus on getting best possible performance in the "control center" knowing that signal can be seen anywhere.
  4. If one wishes to watch something other than the program on the "unused channel", one can do so with minimal Comcast service. Could we use a shared antenna rather than the minimal Comcast service ?

Equipment & Status

The Panasonic TV & Sony tuner are located in the main TV room; the Hannspree TV & Yamaha tuner are in Carl's office. Status marked "ok" means we can use the device. Where "status" is marked "**" it means we need an internet connection; we need a continuity tester to find figure out which existing cables can do that in the TV room. "ng" means we cannot use the source device for reasons we don't understand.
to watch each device\use settings: →statusPanasonicTVSony-STR-DB-600HannspreeYamaha RX-V2600
Comcast Cable TV (old settings)ngComponent 1Video 2  
Comcast Cable TV (new 2012 June)okTV,channel 3(not used)  
Samsung BDC5500: Blu-ray DiskokHDMI(not used)  
Gateway (any content in cpu)ok  HDMI 1DTV (sound only)
Comcast Cable TVok  HDMI 2CBL/SAT
Samsung BD-P1590: Blu-Ray Diskok  HDMI 2DVD
Samsung BD-P1590: Netflix (B green)ok  HDMI 2DVD
Samsung BD-P1590: facebook**  HDMI 2DVD
Samsung BD-P1590: YouTube (D blue)signin  HDMI 2DVD
Samsung BD-P1590: vudu HD Movies**  HDMI 2DVD
Samsung BD-P1590: huluplus??  HDMI 2DVD
Samsung BD-P1590: BD-Live??  HDMI 2DVD
Samsung BD-P1590: Pandora radio(C y)**  HDMI 2DVD
Samsung BD-P1590: SPS Network??  HDMI 2DVD
Samsung BD-P1590: Blockbuster OD(Ar)**  HDMI 2DVD
HBO.GO (?)??  HDMI 2DVD     

Equipment Available but Not in Use

  1. aeros FCC ID: OZ5URCMX700 (Universal Remote Control, Inc.)
  2. Toshiba 40E22OU (40" LCD TV, $400): 1080P Full HD, DynaLight, HDMI X2, PC input, USB media)


  1. Hannspree Model# T28OH: 28" LCD TV, Dual HDMI, 1920×1200, 1080P Full HD.
  2. TV connection preferences in order: (1) HDMI, (2) Component, (3) Video.
  3. Audio connection preference in order: (1) HDMI, (2) Dolby Digital (DTS amp), (3)
  4. The Comcast digital converter sends signal to TV via coaxial cable.
  5. Acer X233H: 23" monitor, HDMI:

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