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    This website has been created as support to an on-line community forum on aquatics called Carl can post content here and then we can figure out if it belongs in the forum and how it fits. Any member can post information directly to This might be useful in helping the forum get started and in helping it to grow in a coherent way.
    ISHOF is the paramount repository of swimming memorabilia on the planet and it is the institution that honors those with the greatest swimming accomplishments, both athletic and organizational. On May 8, 2010, a new committee met to develop ideas to help ISHOF continue to serve the aquatics community in the best possible way. 19 people attended the May 8 meeting which was led by John Spannuth, President of United States Water Fitness Association. Since the 19 people and also all the international community that is part of this can't easily meet, we're seeing an on-line process of idea development and communication. We can communicate through a discussion forum called We may also create a Wikipedia page which might be: . Here's a first attempt at a vision statement.

    We believe that human possibilities are immensely enhanced by a sensible relationship with the 71% of the planet that is covered by water. We have been convened by ISHOF to nurture new ideas and to help them take root in the community of aquatics. ISHOF is best known for honoring those with the greatest achievements in and contributions to aquatics. But from the beginning of ISHOF we have also cared that every child should be a swimmer, even from infancy. And we have honored a broad array of programs oriented to safety, fitness, character development, and special needs. We are committed to making the relationship of our species to water as empowering, as safe, and as enhancing of our lives as it can be.

    If you aren't sure what is meant by an "on-line community forum", here are some examples.

    Our Wikipedia page should have a one page outline with 40 or so topics organized as a tree. The forty ideas will link to a vast amount of information. If one were to print our Wikipedia Aquatics page, it would be 5 or 10 pages with links to many hundreds of other pages and many hundreds of other organizations. In that way it will be a reflection of ISHOF's place in the center of worldwide aquatics. Clearly for this to work we must have the means to accept lots of information given to us by people who visit our community forum. It will be a big challenge to create this and we'll need some talented volunteer assistance. This database can be the foundation for a tasteful and elegant social media marketing effort (called viral marketing).

    ISHOF needs a CRM system and needs to use it skillfully. It also needs a campaign of what is called viral marketing. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and viral marketing is use of Facebook, e-mail, and all the other social networking vehicles available to increase awareness. I see the major use of the forum to get this going. And I see a perfect match between the idea of opening up our vision to all aquatics and our desire to greatly expand our foundation of influence and financial support.

    Here are our current ideas of what should go into the forum.


    Any member can create a discussion topic and other members can then add to it. The subcommittees created on May 8 should each have it's work presented as a discussion topic and then they and others can add to it. Someone can be responsible for consolidating the discussions into action plans. Here are our four sub-committees plus a suggested new topic.


    Groups of members can be identified to help communicate among members of specific committees or members interested in specific topics.


    Any member of the forum can add an event. The calendar could become quite extensive. It should be searchable by key words (subjects).

    Blog Posts

    Any member can create and continually add to his own blog.


    The forum can also include photos and videos and audio material. Maybe that's later. Our urgent need is get our little furnace of new ideas cooking.


    This list of water sports is from Wikipedia and has links to Wikipedia pages. We can reorganize and edit this any way we wish and add any links we wish.

    In the water

    Under water

    On the water


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