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This is a menu of the topics on this page (click on any): Security Plan    David Wells on 2011/01/14    Microsoft Security Essentials    External Hard Drive        Comment from HiWired on Security   .

Security Plan

July 8, 2013, Sebastian_Jon, BitDefender; April, 2011 per Mohamed A. and Karol B. of Hiwired.
  1. BD does all , if autoscan is on, all is ok; 954-928-2780
  2. may wish to run weekly system scan: ANTIVIRUS; System Scan
  1. I am careful and reasonably knowledgeable; I want me as primary user of all 3 computers to have admin privileges.
  2. Very few programs should execute on startup or run in background. They can run on a schedule or I can run them. Be specific....
  3. SUPERAntiSpyware (I should run this myself, once a week or as desired).
  4. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (antivirus, maybe not needed as conflicts with BitDefender) (maybe I should run this myself, once a week or as desired, maybe there is no conflict with BitDefender so long as they only run when I run them, not in background or on startup).
  5. HitmanPro35 (good for new stuff; I should run it once a week or so)
  6. BitDefender Antivirus Pro 2011 (this is currently automatic, no maintenance by Carl is needed, but I'm not sure that this is good policy)
  7. Mohamed A. uninstalled Microsoft Security Essentials (to avoid conflict with BitDefender ????)
Here is what is in the MSCONFIG Start menu on my HP Pavillion a1330n (AMD64).
Realtek SolutionsRealtek Semiconductor Corp.not checked
ControlCenterBrother Industries, Ltd.checked
PC Check & ConnectHiWirednot checked
PC Check & ConnectHiWirednot checked
DLconnectKoninklijke Philips Echecked
RealPlayerRealNetworks, Inc.not checked
SkypeSkype Technologies S.A.not checked

David Wells on 2011/01/14

  1. microsoft security essentials
  2. adaware
  3. malwarebytes
  4. antivirus
  5. You probably also need an adware/malware scanner (adaware or malwarebytes)
  6. firewall (zonealarm or at least windows firewall).
  7. It helps to always shutdown your computer and unplug it when not in use. Maybe put a bag over it just in case.
  8. Those tinfoil caps are good.

Microsoft Security Essentials

  1. full scan of Asus found 3,600,645 items & required 3 hours on 2010/08/13, no threats.
  2. full scan of HP AMD64 found items & required 8 hours on 2010/08/13, no threats.
  3. full scan of PIV-2400 found 1,471,126 items & required 3 hours on 2010/08/13, 2 threats removed.

External Hard Drive

When EHD is inserted MSE asks if scan is desired. If so (this first option alone requires 3 minutes to scan 320GB EHD).

Security Aspect - Program being utlilzed

Firewall: Windows

Antivirus: AvaST - Program will allert of update availability. Vir s are automatic.

  1. Mail
  2. Web
  3. P2P
  4. Netowrk
  5. File System/Behaviors

Malware: Malwarebyte's Anti Malware

Computer Cleanup: Glary Utilities - Biweekly click desktop icon, click 'Scan For Issues' then click 'Repair Problems' and close Glary.

Comment from HiWired on Security

8:00 PM Checking configuration..... 8:00 PM Connecting... 8:00 PM Connected. A support representative will be with you shortly. 8:09 PM Support session established with Eric L..

8:10 PM Eric L.: Hello. My name is Eric and I will be your Technical Specialist. What can I do for you today? 8:10 PM Carl House: pc check & connect is telling me I don't have virus protection. I have installed Norton 360, but maybe I didn't do it right. please look at it and see if settings are right 8:12 PM Eric L.: Sure thing, some anti virus doesnt allow our PC check and connect to detect its active on the computer. This is to hide it self from virus programs that look if you have protection. But we can check that its installed correctly.

8:12 PM You have granted full permission to Eric L.. To revoke, click the red X on the toolbar or press Pause/Break on the keyboard. 8:12 PM Remote Control started by Eric L..

8:15 PM Carl House: please take a general view of my security. do I have what I need. what security precautions should i have. what firewall am i using. 8:15 PM Eric L.: Your all set, The firewall is norton, its protecting your pc. 8:15 PM Eric L.: Its updating and I saw no errors in logs 8:16 PM Eric L.: Yes you can use it with Norton, 8:16 PM Carl House: on your recommendation i used super anti spyware and found it to be excellent. should i continue using it ? What about malwarebytes. ? 8:16 PM Eric L.: Its great program for home users, 8:16 PM Eric L.: It only does spyware so that is good with Norton, Norton does spyware also but is anti virus and firewall as well. You can only have 1 anti virus but can have 2 anti spyware. 8:17 PM Carl House: please be specific about SUPER Anti-Sypware and also about MalWareBytes each. I can't tell which you are referring to in your comments above. 8:17 PM Eric L.: We find both Malwarebytes and superanti spyware to be very helpful

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