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Promoting Aquatics Thru Social Media

Websites are an excellent way to express as best we can our essence, our mission, our vision, our information. ISHOF , Dixie Zone, and Gold Coast LMSC have excellent websites; we do not propose any ways of improving them. We have immense control over what we do with our websites and we've done them well.

Social media has greater power to connect us with big concentric circles of people with whom we have or imagine we have some commonality. It works because it's creators have carefully controlled what one can do in the world they created so that it will very easy for people to get connected. This provides great marketing opportunity, but it is not nearly as easy to control what we do in social media as it is with websites.

There is room, however, for ISHOF , Dixie Zone, and Gold Coast LMSC to have ten or a hundred times as much exposure as we have now by effective promotion with social media.

Possibly there are four (or more) truths that make this possible:

  1. Our nation (and our planet) have immense problems related to obesity and fitness. Our sport is immensely relevent to that urgency. Maybe ours is the best sport.
  2. We have authority to speak to a major concern, that of protecting the resources of our seas, our gulfs, our bays, our lakes, our rivers. 71% of our planet is covered by water.
  3. Millions of people on the planet and thousands of people in SE Florida can be helped by what we offer.
  4. If we wish to increase membership and/or contributions, two avenues make sense.
Since our websites have our information and our truth and social media have vast numbers of people who need that truth, we urge that we seek and be alert to the people and strategies that can help us immensely expand our message. We should identify people or organizations who are using social media well and learn from them. We can "like" them or become "fans" or "friends" so we get their newsfeeds (postings). The point is that ISHOF and Gold Coast might learn better how to use social media to drive people to our websites. Here's the start of a list of people or organizations we can learn from: Nicholas Kristof, USMS (Ben Christoffel says USMS has 50,000 members, 8500 Facebook fans, 2000 Facebook group members, and 2110 Twitter followers), Steven Munatones, Terry Laughlin, Diana Nyad, Ron Collins, Rowdy Gaines.

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