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YouTube Examples & Documentation

Thanks to Steve Vinik St. Gregory's E.C. has an excellent website . Today I discovered that he has also put four videos on YouTube which are also excellent. Please view them on YouTube and give them your rating to help lift up our on-line profile. We're intending to add testimony of parishioners as to what church means to them to give us a good on-line presence.

Liz Murray: Homeless to Harvard. (3:28 minutes; 34,386 views)

The following are 3 videos on YouTube about homelessness in Palm Beach County.

William Laney, author of Homeless isn't Hopeless", was interviewed on BBC8-TV on March 9. Here's that interview on YouTube in four parts:

YouTube videos that might inspire video production teams for summer camp programs made possible by Boca's Promise for South Palm Beach County. Possible video projects for us are the programs in our consortium, Pearl City Community Garden, Delray Beach Community Food Pantry, & our kids. Note this warning about copyright issues: As Rights Clash on YouTube, Some Music Vanishes in a New York Times story.

“Monkey: Journey to the West,” a newfangled sort of opera that made its American debut at the Spoleto Festival U.S.A. Based on an old Chinese tale, it traces the Monkey King’s search for wisdom and immortality with singing, acrobatics, martial arts and cartoon segments. It is circus spectacle striving to become art — or maybe art infused with spectacle. Opera Meets Animation to Tell a Chinese Tale (New York Times)

Dan Dyer has written a little book called "Actions to Achieve Peace: What Every Citizen Can Do" (January 1, 2008, His book proposes 136 actions by citizens to strengthen the U.S. to counter the ideological challenge and the military threat in the war on terror. Since that publication, he has created 4 YouTube videos to further make his point.

Here are a few others that might help us understand what quality is possible. (Google Chrome, Japan appears to be a video meant to show us that Google Chrome is a superior browser. Barack Obama speaking to Iran has a bigger budget than most of us have.)

Here's how to upload your own video to YouTube: Upload to YouTube (you will need to get a YouTube Account).

Here's an example of how a YouTube video can be embedded in a webpage.

You need Flash player 8+ and JavaScript enabled to view this video.


Be sure to watch Skatopia created by my niece and her husband. This trailer has the highest quality I've ever seen on YouTube ! Click here to buy tickets for the World Premiere of "Skatopia: 88 Acres of Anarchy" in NYC on July 11. Their film was a very late selection for indy film fest ACEfest in NYC on Saturday July 11 at 9:45 pm. And they landed the best slot in the lineup: closing spot on Saturday night. They are thrilled, nervous and wound up trying to meet the deadline. The Tribeca Cinemas seats 100 and the festival says it will book another show if it's sold out. Help by coming if you can!

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As Rights Clash on Youtube, Some Music Vanishes 

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