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Ways to watch tv shows on your phone, TV, tablet or PC.

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It is easy to turn any modern flat screen TV into a smart TV. The most popular product to do this is Roko. I own one but also have a Chromecast, which I prefer.

What programs you see are much the same on both. The major difference is that the Roko comes with it's own remote. The Chromecast is controlled from a smart phone, tablet or laptop computer.

To me the major concern when choosing between these is would you prefer another remote or are you comfortable using your phone or computer to change the channels?

Once you buy the Roku and/or Chromecast the only additional charge is for service subscriptions. You don't pay per device you pay per service.

For example with one Netflix subscription you can watch two things at the same time. It can be on any two devices - phone, tablet, laptop, desktop or TV. They don't even care if you are in the same city. One person could be watching Netflix at home on the TV the other could be at the airport in Chicago.

In other words if you already are paying one subscription for Netflix there will be no additional charge for adding additional Chromecast or Roku devices.

Chromecast does require that the Chromecast device and controlling device are all signed into the same wifi.

Looking forward to being of help. Tuesday is the next day that I am available. Does that work for you?

OOMA works over the internet. If you are having problems with it now and then it may be due to too much traffic through the modem. Check to see if calls are dropped when using the internet on the computer for things such as watching videos.

:-) Bob Erickson

Youtube Video - Roku vs. Chromecast

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The End of Tv and the Death of the Cable Bundle 

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